Enhanced Security now enabled.

For the past couple of days I have been migrating the website around on the webhost and restructuring it so that I can enable SSL and I am pleased to report that the transition for the website services is completed. Every portion of the web services from the website itself to the game account system is all behind SSL now. In case you were one of those who were rightly concerned about your account security, we are now protected.


Patch 1.5 & The Current State of Stardust

Greetings Stardust Community,

It’s been four months since the opening of the server, and in that time I have again and again been surprised by the positivity and helpful attitude that members of this community have shown towards each other.   I can’t say that it has been entirely easy with having a small population on a game such as this, but thankfully it has been slowly growing.



With the establishment of Mos Stardust, as a temporary hub of sorts we have seen a nice consolidation of the player base on top of the bridge between galaxy chat and discord facilitating better communications in and out of game.

On top of that, since release and with great bug reporting from community members I have managed to squash a multitude of unintended glitches, as it stands, the server as it is today is an extremely polished experience.   With new content being iterated upon, loot tables being expanded with new items of all kinds.

What is to come for Stardust?  Well I have quite a list of things planned but here is a general list of a few features in order of when I will be adding them.

  1. Interplanetary Survey Droid Enhancement:  Adding the data output of a survey droid to include resource stats.
  2. New Weapons.
  3. New Armors (all of these are already done and awaiting loot table population).

Obviously along with these, continual further balancing for existing professions as needed and I have more long term content additions in mind, which I will reveal when the time is right.


Stardust: Now Officially Open

Greetings Stardust Community!

Feels good saying that,  considering I had my own doubts as to whether the launch of this server and community would be a success or not.   I have to say that I have been completely blown away by the response that I have gotten from virtually everyone who took a step into my idea of what I thought SWG could have been.     Seriously, a huge shout out to everyone who has joined not only for simply coming here to play, but in surprising the heck out of me that a SWG community could actually pop up that isn’t full of toxic internet trash.     You all have been so pleasant, and incredibly helpful to one another and it seriously humbles me and for that I thank you all.

Since opening the server for early access last thursday 320 unique characters have already been made, with our population reaching 75 concurrent players online at a single time.      While these don’t seem to be big numbers.. it’s certainly a huge start, one that I am really proud of.

We have dedicated crafters working hard to build up a living and breathing economy,  we have players out there grinding out their combat character templates having a blast finding out that even simple PvE in Star Wars Galaxies can actually be challenging with just a few changes.

Most of all, and this is what I am most thankful for is how communicative you all have been when it comes to any odd happenings or bugs you may have found.   While we haven’t had anything game breaking, it was great to get all of that feedback so quickly so I could squash all of it.

With all of that said,  Welcome to Stardust.     Let’s build the future, together!


Stardust v1.0.03:  8/1/18  Full Patch Notes

Since we have decided to open a couple days ahead of schedule for Early Access, This post has been made today ahead of schedule as well.

Stardust v1.0.03:  8/1/18  Full Patch Notes

Welcome to the Stardust Official Launch:  The live server will be online at midnight UTC time 8/1/18.   That’s 8:00pm EST on 7/31.


  • Added Galaxy Chat Channel


  • All species stats have been regulated to the same preset.

Global Character Changes:

  • Health Pool only targetable pool for direct damage
  • The Mind Pool has been effectively Removed
  • Action Pool used only for casting abilities

Character Creation:

  • New characters will start with a basic set of armor and a swoop.
  • Starting credits increased to 1000 cash, 1000 bank.

Combat Queue:

  • The combat queue has been minimized to one active ability, and one in queue at a time.

Global Combat Profession Changes:

  • All dizzy effects have had significant reductions in duration.
  • All Toughness attributes have had reduction in effectiveness.


  • AT-ST / Droideka Faction pets have been removed.
  • Rebel faction renamed to New Republic
    • All Rebel faction NPCs have been renamed from “Rebel” to “New Republic”


  • Imperial Corellian Corvette pilot “DS-297” moved from Emperor’s Retreat, Naboo to Imperial Outpost, Lok.
  • Hutt Corellian Corvette pilot “Bronell” moved to Reelo’s Bar in Hanna City, Chandrila.
  • Boba Fett now located on Nal Hutta at the Bounty Hunters’ Guild and will send players to the Death Watch Bunker from there.

Imperial Theme Park:

  • Imperial Theme Park moved to Imperial Outpost, Lok.   Speak to Kaja Or’Zee to begin the new Storyline.

New Republic Theme Park:

  • Speak to C-3PO at the New Republic Military Base located in Hanna City, Chandrila to begin the storyline.

Reelo’s Gang Theme Park:

  • With Jabba dead, surviving members of his organization fled Tatooine with Reelo Baruk.   Talk to him at his bar in Hanna City, Chandrila to see what’s new in the underworld.

Non-FS Combat Profession Changes:

  • Carbineer:
    • Action Shot abilities cause a bleed on a target’s action pool.
    • Leg Shot abilities cause a snare on a target
  • Pistoleer:
    • Health Shot abilties cause a strong bleed on a target’s health pool.
    • Stopping Shot now causes a root on a target
  • Rifleman:
    • Mind Shot abilities can cause a strong bleed on a target’s health pool.
  • Bounty Hunter:
    • Knockdown Fire has a chance to catch an enemy’s health pool on fire.
  • Commando:
    • All heavy weapon abilities have been rebalanced to make the profession more attractive.
  • Combat Medic:
    • Removed all redundant Pharmaceuticals that do not fit within new paradigm.
    • Removed Mind Heal due to removal of Mind Pool.
  • Teras Kasi Artist:
    • Unarmed ability speed regulated.
  • Fencer:
    • One Hand Body Hit abilities can paralyze a target, rooting them in place temporarily.
    • One Hand Health Hit abilities can cause a bleed on a target’s action pool.
  • Swordsman:
    • Two Hand Sweep abilities can paralyze a target, rooting them in place for a moment.
  • Pikeman:
    • Polearm Leg Hit abilities can slow a target’s movement, snaring them.
    • Polearm Stun abilties can paralyze a target, rooting them in place for a moment.


  • Altered Force Sensitive Unlock:
    • Badge requirements for “Glowy” Force Sensitive Status unlock increased.
    • Village set to 3 week Phases, requiring a total of 6 phase completions for Jedi Initiate.
  • Jedi Defense Changes:
    • Jedi’s passive defenses gained from the various Jedi Skill Trees have been diminished.   Example, a fully defense stacked Jedi is no stronger than a fully defensive stacked Non-FS Combat Character.
  • Lightsaber Resistant Armor:
    • Master Armorsmiths have the ability to craft Lightsaber Armor Layers for any type of Armor.
  • Force Ranking System:
    • The Force Ranking System is active, with some changes
      • Being ranked within either enclave does NOT force a perma-overt state.
      • Bonuses from Force Ranks have been severely diminished.

Entertainer / Crafting Changes:

  • Armorsmith:
    • Added Lightsaber Resistance Layers
    • Removed Encumbrance from all Armors
    • All Armor Types regulated as Light armor.
  • Weaponsmith:
    • Regulated Special Action Costs across the board.
    • Regulated all weapon speeds based on weapon type.
    • All Weapons regulated as Armor Piercing: Light
  • Chef:
    • All Crafted Food / Drinks modified to reflect HAM changes
  • Doctor / Medic / Combat Medic:
    • All redundant pharmaceuticals that will no longer be used have been removed.   (ie:  Secondary Attribute / Action Buff Packs)
  • Image Designer:
    • Stat Migration has been removed.
  • Musician / Dancer
    • Both Music and Dancing Enhancement change from mind & mind attributes to Action.

Content Changes

Timeline Advancement:

  • It is now one year after the events of Return of the Jedi.   The galaxy is in the midst of a full blown civil war between the Galactic Empire and the newly formed New Republic.
  • Factional Theme Parks have been completely redesigned along with the bulk of the game’s existing content to reflect the change in the time.

New Planets Added:

  • Coruscant
  • Chandrila
  • Dromund Kaas
  • Moraband
  • Nal Hutta

GCW Additions:

  • Battle of Jakku  GCW PvP/PvE zone.


  • All looted weapons / armor have been adjusted to be more usable, while still remaining inferior to top quality crafted items of the same type.

Current Known Issues

  • Several abilities are not working on AI NPC/Creatures due to a check related to snare and rooting abilities.   A fix for this is currently being worked out.

The Countdown to Launch

It is official now.   Everything is in place, with exception to perhaps a few pre-release updates.   We are set to launch on schedule.      The live server will officially open on August 1st, 2018 at Midnight UTC Time.      Or for those of us in the United States,  8:00PM Eastern Time on July 31st.


Development Update 7/11/18

Progress has continued according to my own self imposed schedule.   As of this time all content features have been fleshed out, and the second wave of balance passes across all professions has been completed.

At this moment I am shifting focus to back end features such as account authentication, and bringing on one or two staffers to prepare other launch features such as a launch / patching utility program, community features, and a few other concerns.

I estimate Stardust will be ready to launch by the end of this month at the earliest.  Since active server development is in a release ready state I will not be posting updates in this format and will be switching to a bullet statement formatted patch notes for future updates.

Release day will have a patch note written in said format to detail every change made to the base Pre-CU game into what Stardust has become.

Development Update 6/22/18

Development has been proceeding as I have expected it would.   The combat system has been fully revamped according to my established paradigm.   World Building and Content Creation on the new worlds is continuing at a steady pace.      I should be ready to receive a few early testers within a month or so.    The server box for the live release server is ridiculously fast.   I look forward to seeing how it will handle under load.

Website services are set up,   Account Creation is good to go.   Realistically I could launch the server now, but I am not jumping the gun.   I want this to go right, and that means setting every impression perfectly.     To be blunt, I’ve screwed up before by releasing too soon on previous projects.   That is not how I wish this one to go down.   When I truly feel this is ready.  I will launch.