Our aim with Stardust is to provide our interpretation of something Star Wars Galaxies never truly was… balanced.   Our emphasis is on both engaging, fast paced combat, while providing unique and high quality content that you will not find anywhere else first.

It is our belief that Pre-CU Star Wars Galaxies was a system that was both brimming with great potential, and absolutely full of fundamental flaws.

UI Changes:

  • Finally a UI that looks like it was designed within this century.
    • Based on the NGE UI by Kayleeah with significant alterations to give it both it’s own unique look and feel, with an appearance that calls back to the original enough.
    • Yes, colored Icons by default.   As far as we are concerned this is not Pre-CU anymore.   Deal with it!


HAM Changes:

  • Health Pool only targetable pool for direct damage
    • This ensures that all professions have a more equal stance in terms of parity against one another.
  • Mind Pool Removal
    • Without the mind bar targetable it serves very little purpose, thus anything that did rely on Mind has moved to Rely on Action instead.
  • Action Pool used only for casting abilities

Combat Queue:

  • The combat queue has been minimized to one active ability, and one in queue at a time. Rather than spamming abilities and clearing the queue if you have to make a change;  this is intended to promote more strategic and on the fly thinking when choosing what ability to cast.
  • The minimization of the combat queue is also aimed at preventing players from creating a single macro to queue up a range of abilities at once.
    • I.E.:   Pushing a single button to chain together a dizzy, knockdown, stun, effect.    This technically will still be possible, if sufficient pauses are added to said macro, but will not be possible to add all of those abilities to the queue at once.

Player vs. Environment Difficulty:

  • Reduction in the defensive calculations behind innate defenses ensure that PvE and by extension PvP will be more engaging, and difficult.
    • Example:   A single person will die if he tries to AOE down an entire lair of Rancors at once.

Crowd Control:

  • Pre-CU was sorely lacking with proper crowd control and had too much emphasis on combining Dizzy states with Knockdown Abilities  These have been diminished so that one does not find themselves on their back flopping like a fish out of water.
  • Addition of Snare and Rooting effects added to many abilities across the board.

Profession Changes:

  • Carbineer:
    • Action Shot abilities cause a bleed on a target’s action pool.
    • Leg Shot abilities cause a snare on a target
  • Pistoleer:
    • Health Shot abilties cause a strong bleed on a target’s health pool.
    • Stopping Shot now causes a root on a target
  • Rifleman:
    • Mind Shot abilities can cause a strong bleed on a target’s health pool.
  • Bounty Hunter:
    • Knockdown Fire has a chance to catch an enemy’s health pool on fire.
  • Commando:
    • All heavy weapon abilities have been rebalanced to make the profession more attractive.
  • Combat Medic:
    • Removed all redundant Pharmaceuticals that do not fit within new paradigm.
    • Removed Mind Heal due to removal of Mind Pool.
  • Teras Kasi Artist:
    • Unarmed ability speed regulated.
  • Fencer:
    • One Hand Body Hit abilities can paralyze a target, rooting them in place temporarily.
    • One Hand Health Hit abilities can cause a bleed on a target’s action pool.
  • Swordsman:
    • Two Hand Sweep abilities can paralyze a target, rooting them in place for a moment.
  • Pikeman:
    • Polearm Leg Hit abilities can slow a target’s movement, snaring them.
    • Polearm Stun abilties can paralyze a target, rooting them in place for a moment.


  • Global Changes:
    • All dizzy effects have had significant reductions in duration.
    • Toughness attributes have had reduction in effectiveness.


Of course Jedi are still obtainable, for better or worse, Jedi are central to the Star Wars experience.    However we have made certain changes to bring them into parity with other classes.    A Jedi on Stardust will NOT be any stronger, or weaker than another profession template type.   If being a Jedi is your “class fantasy” then it’s something you can choose to work towards.  We believe there are plenty of other servers you can choose from if you want to be a glowbat wielding demigod.    You certainly can have the glowbat here, but you will not be any better than anyone else for it.

  • Altered Force Sensitive Unlock:
    • Put simply you will have to do a whole lot more even to just unlock Force Sensitive and reach the village.
      • Specifically the Badge Requirements have been changed
        • 23 Exploration Badges Total are needed.
          • exploration_jedi = 3
          • exploration_dangerous = 5
          • exploration_easy = 15
        • 1 Profession Mastery Badge
        • 5 Content Badges
          • Theme Parks / Warren / Corellian Corvette
        • 2 Event Badges
          • Theed Librarian / Race Tracks
    • Village Phases have been shortened from the standard length.   Now one week per phase.     To unlock you need to go through six phases of the village to unlock six Force Sensitive Skill Branches.
  • Jedi Defense Changes:
    • Jedi’s passive defenses gained from the various Jedi Skill Trees have been diminished.   Example, a fully defense stacked Jedi is no stronger than a fully defensive stacked Non-FS Combat Character.
  • Lightsaber Resistant Armor:
    • Master Armorsmiths have the ability to craft Lightsaber Armor Layers for any type of Armor.
  • Force Ranking System:
    • The Force Ranking System is active, with some changes
      • Being ranked within either enclave does NOT force a perma-overt state.
      • Bonuses from Force Ranks have been severely diminished.

Crafting Changes:

  • Armorsmith:
    • Added Lightsaber Resistance Layers
    • Removed Encumberance from all Armors
    • All Armor Segments have simplified resource requirements (no planet specific resources needed)
    • All Crafted Armors have been brought into parity so as people can wear any type of armor and be suitably protected.
      • Each Armor Type has a specific “hole” or vulnerability in their resists and one type of damage they are more proficient at protecting against than the others.
  • Droid Engineer:
    • Interplanetary Survey Droids Have been drastically improved.
      • Survey Tools no longer are destroyed in the process of use of the droid.
      • The Report delivered via in game mail is much more comprehensive now, giving detailed stats about the resources on the targetted planet in a format that can easily be uploaded to GalaxyHarvester using the /mailsave command.
  • Weaponsmith:
    • Regulated Special Action Costs across the board.
    • All weapons craft out to specific speeds depending on the weapon type.
  • Chef:
    • All Crafted Food / Drinks modified to reflect HAM changes
  • Doctor / Medic / Combat Medic:
    • All redundant pharmaceuticals that will no longer be used have been removed.   (ie:  Secondary Attribute / Action Buff Packs)

Misc Quality of Life Improvements:

  • Furniture decoration is now more robust with full Yaw/Pitch/Roll rotation.
  • All Player House Storage Limits have been dramatically increased.
  • All Shuttle wait Times are reduced to 60 seconds.
  • All Starports on all planets have been interconnected.
  • Players can take up to (4) missions at a time.
  • Medical Enhancement Droids have been added to Static City Medical Centers which will give a basic health buff, and heal wounds for a price.
  • Group XP has been altered to where every group member is awarded the full XP per kill provided they at least “tag” the target before it dies.
  • Global XP Rate is increased, and Group XP is set to double.

Timeline Advancement:

  • It is now one year after the events of Return of the Jedi.   The galaxy is in the midst of a full blown civil war between the Galactic Empire and the newly formed New Republic.
  • Factional Theme Parks have been completely redesigned along with the bulk of the game’s existing content to reflect the change in the time.

New Worlds to Explore or Conquer


  • Coruscant
    • The Capitol of the Galactic Empire and political center of the Galaxy for thousands of years.


  • Chandrila
    • The Capitol of the New Republic and homeworld of Chancellor Mon Mothma

  • Dromund Kaas
    • Last capitol of the ancient Sith Empire and current home to several fringe groups.

  • Moraband
    • Ancient homeworld of the Sith species, a literal graveyard world filled with dark secrets, twisted creatures, archaeologists daring enough to probe the ancient ruins and a few people living a mostly solitary existence on this abandoned world.

  • Nal Hutta
    • The “Glorious Jewel” and adopted homeworld of the Hutts.   A world made toxic from centuries of pollution and neglect at the hands of the Hutt Cartel.    If it is illegal in the greater galaxy, chances are it can be found in Bilbousa City.

The Battle of Jakku

  • The final decisive battle of the Galactic Civil War.
  • Uncover the secrets within the Weapons Development Facility  and Observatory at the center of the Battlefield or die trying, repeatedly.


The Exar Kun Catacombs:  Instanced Dungeon

  • Our own unique rendition of the Exar Kun heroic instance from the NGE.   NGE players will find the dungeon to be very familiar, but every boss fight has completely new mechanics.