More Features

New & Unique Content

Stardust is more than just a server with a few tweaks in a few places. We are a totally converted galaxy with the time setting pushed forward to the year 5 ABY in the Canon Timeline. This opens up a slew of new content for players to consume as they explore a galaxy irrevocably changed by the loss of Emperor Palpatine. A New Republic has formed to fill the ever expanding power vacuum and rather a guerilla war between a small insurgent group and the war machine of the Empire, there is now open war and it is raging everywhere all over the galaxy from the core worlds to the furthest reaches of the outer rim.

The Battle of Jakku

With the Galactic Civil War at it’s absolute hottest, the old factional theme parks have been completely re-written to fit within the new timeframe. All of which leads up to the Battle of Jakku itself, which exists in game as a massive, open world PvP zone surrounding an Imperial Weapons Development Facility which to both factions houses a high end PvE dungeon with top tier loot, with the added risk of an unwelcome visit from the enemy faction.

Custom Axkva Min & Exar Kun Heroic Instances

Speaking of high end PvE content, we have also incorporated our own versions of two of the heroic instances seen in the NGE version of the game. Both of these instances will challenge groups of up to ten players and reward groups skilled enough to defeat them in the time allotted with unique loot not found anywhere else.

New Worlds to Explore not found anywhere else!

While some of these planets have been incorporated by other servers, they have not done so in the manner they were originally intended. Stardust contains seven new planets for players to explore, and in some cases call home should they wish to.

If you were paying attention, that map only showed six new planets. The seventh, you will have to find on your own. Discovering it will be, unexpected to say the least.