Core Features

A Balanced Gameplay Experience

Stardust builds on the Pre-Combat Upgrade Star Wars Galaxies gameplay by systematically rebalancing every single combat profession in the game in order to bring them into parity with one another. We feel that the game as it was is inadequate and there were a wide variety of combat professions that simply were not viable to play in their state.

Primary Attribute Rebalancing

For starters, we have removed the one factor of Pre-CU SWG that we feel was the largest source of imbalance in combat. That being the targetable HAM (Health Action Mind) system. The mind pool has been completely removed from the game. All damage is directed to the health pool, action is used only as a universal resource pool for casting abilities.

Redesigned Interface

The user interface has been redesigned, albeit slightly to both evoke a familiar feel, and yet feel slightly less dated compared to both the original UI and later interfaces introduced to the game in the New Game Enhancements era of SWG. While I get that some people enjoyed the other interfaces, and that’s fine. If that’s a deal breaker for you there are plenty of other servers to play on that will look the same, tired way you’re accustomed to.

Unique Profession: Armorweaver

Along with profession rebalances, so too have Weapon and Armors been rebalanced as well. For example, each armor type is now comparable to one another in terms of their potential for being useful. An endless sea of people wearing nothing but Composite Armor is rather boring is it not? On Stardust you can wear what you want to wear, to further that end we have added a new profession called Armorweaver, which combines Armorsmithing and Tailoring to create Armored Clothing items that provide just as good protection as the best crafted armor suits.