Install Stardust

You will want to create a game account before completing this process!

Installing Stardust:  Step by Step Instructions

  • Follow the prompts: of the Installation Wizard, be sure to point it to a valid Star Wars Galaxies Client Folder.
  • Download the ModTheGalaxy TRE Files: from either of the following sources:
  • Extract the ModTheGalaxy TRE Files: to the folder you specified for the Stardust Installation.
    • Note:  The installer typically copies what it needs into a /stardust/stardust installer/ subfolder.    The modthegalaxy TRE files need to go into this folder.
  • Run the Launcher: from the desktop shortcut, or by navigating to your Stardust installation folder and running “StardustLauncher.exe”
  • Wait for the Launcher to finish updating.
  • Press Play!