Q.  Do I need a retail copy of Star Wars Galaxies to Play?

A.  Yes.   We do not provide the game client in it’s entirety, only our own custom patch files.   You will need to either dig out your old game discs, or find another means of getting a hold of the retail client.

Q.  How do I play on Stardust?

A. Simple, start by creating an account on our live server, and downloading our launcher application.   Once updating is complete, hit the big PLAY button.

Q. What is different about Stardust?

A.  Read more info on the specific changes to Stardust on our About section.

Q. How many characters are allowed?

A.  On stardust we allow six (6) characters per account and all of them can be online at a time.

Q.  Does Stardust have “Jump to Lightspeed”.

A. At this time, no.   The core systems of JTL are still in works by the flagship SWGEmu team.    When the framework for them has been completed to a satisfactory level, we fully intend to integrate it to our server at the earliest possible convenience.

Q.  I like to use <insert shitty client mod here>,  will it work on Stardust?

A.  Probably, but it will also probably break stuff you don’t want it to break, therefore we do not recommend any specific mods,  alternate UI mods, or graphical changes such as “sweetFX” as we feel they will only dilute the experience.   Use them at your own risk, and do not expect any support from us for them, or to make changes to any of our work to cater to your client-side modification preferences.

Q. What is SWGEmu?

A. SWGEmu is an acronym/abbreviation for Star Wars Galaxies Emulator.

For more info visit www.swgemu.com

Q. What about the application I install from the discs I purchased from Sony Online Entertainment?

A. When you install and connect to a SWGEmu server with this application, you are doing so by your own accord. SWGEmu cannot condone the usage of the Sony Online Entertainment client application with it’s server software, and users should be warned that they are in breach of the Sony Online Entertainment EULA when they do so.

Q. What is a client application?

A. In this case, the client application is the application you purchased from Sony Online Entertainment. It is basically an interface for you to interact with server software, like what SWGEmu is writing. Think of the client application like a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. While a web browser is capable of providing an interface to interact with web pages, it doesn’t actually provide those web pages. Web servers provide the web pages with which the web browser then allows it’s user to interact. Likewise, Sony Online Entertainment’s client application provides an interface for user’s to interact with a server.

Q. How often does the server restart?

A.  Typically every 24 hours.    Roughly around 06:00 AM Eastern Time

Q. I want to contribute to this project, do you accept donations?

A.  Our policy on this was No for quite some time, we have since revisited the policy since expanding our infrastructure a bit.   You can donate proceeds to the server maintenance costs from here: https://stardust-swg.com/donate/

Q.  I want to contribute to this project by joining the team, how do I do this?

A.   Send a Forum PM to Levarris or talk to him in discord.   Chances are that we don’t need you, but it never hurts to ask.