Patch 1.5 & The Current State of Stardust

Greetings Stardust Community,

It’s been four months since the opening of the server, and in that time I have again and again been surprised by the positivity and helpful attitude that members of this community have shown towards each other.   I can’t say that it has been entirely easy with having a small population on a game such as this, but thankfully it has been slowly growing.



With the establishment of Mos Stardust, as a temporary hub of sorts we have seen a nice consolidation of the player base on top of the bridge between galaxy chat and discord facilitating better communications in and out of game.

On top of that, since release and with great bug reporting from community members I have managed to squash a multitude of unintended glitches, as it stands, the server as it is today is an extremely polished experience.   With new content being iterated upon, loot tables being expanded with new items of all kinds.

What is to come for Stardust?  Well I have quite a list of things planned but here is a general list of a few features in order of when I will be adding them.

  1. Interplanetary Survey Droid Enhancement:  Adding the data output of a survey droid to include resource stats.
  2. New Weapons.
  3. New Armors (all of these are already done and awaiting loot table population).

Obviously along with these, continual further balancing for existing professions as needed and I have more long term content additions in mind, which I will reveal when the time is right.


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