Stardust: Now Officially Open

Greetings Stardust Community!

Feels good saying that,  considering I had my own doubts as to whether the launch of this server and community would be a success or not.   I have to say that I have been completely blown away by the response that I have gotten from virtually everyone who took a step into my idea of what I thought SWG could have been.     Seriously, a huge shout out to everyone who has joined not only for simply coming here to play, but in surprising the heck out of me that a SWG community could actually pop up that isn’t full of toxic internet trash.     You all have been so pleasant, and incredibly helpful to one another and it seriously humbles me and for that I thank you all.

Since opening the server for early access last thursday 320 unique characters have already been made, with our population reaching 75 concurrent players online at a single time.      While these don’t seem to be big numbers.. it’s certainly a huge start, one that I am really proud of.

We have dedicated crafters working hard to build up a living and breathing economy,  we have players out there grinding out their combat character templates having a blast finding out that even simple PvE in Star Wars Galaxies can actually be challenging with just a few changes.

Most of all, and this is what I am most thankful for is how communicative you all have been when it comes to any odd happenings or bugs you may have found.   While we haven’t had anything game breaking, it was great to get all of that feedback so quickly so I could squash all of it.

With all of that said,  Welcome to Stardust.     Let’s build the future, together!


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