Development Update 6/22/18

Development has been proceeding as I have expected it would.   The combat system has been fully revamped according to my established paradigm.   World Building and Content Creation on the new worlds is continuing at a steady pace.      I should be ready to receive a few early testers within a month or so.    The server box for the live release server is ridiculously fast.   I look forward to seeing how it will handle under load.

Website services are set up,   Account Creation is good to go.   Realistically I could launch the server now, but I am not jumping the gun.   I want this to go right, and that means setting every impression perfectly.     To be blunt, I’ve screwed up before by releasing too soon on previous projects.   That is not how I wish this one to go down.   When I truly feel this is ready.  I will launch.

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