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Three Month Celebration in Progress!


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Greetings Stardust Community!

It's been three months since the server launched and yes, we have had ups and downs in terms of community growth but I wouldn't trade the people we have playing here for anything. I am constantly blown away by how helpful and friendly everyone in the community is. We might be a small server with a small (but growing) community, but it's a damn nice one.

To commemorate three great months of Stardust I have gone crazy and turned on Triple XP Globally, meaning if you are grouped you will get 6X Experience Gains. Additionally I have for the duration of the celebration opened the flood gates. You will be able to log in all Six Characters on a single account at the same time. Making this the perfect time for you to finish grinding that alt you've been neglecting, or if you happen to be a new player to Stardust, getting your first character templated out quickly!

I haven't decided just how long the bonus XP event will last. Probably until the end ofThanksgiving week in the US. Which would be 11/24/2018.

I admit though that I haven't been keeping up with the forums as much as I could, though I have a fairly good excuse. Most everyone has been ridiculously active in our Discord server, if you want the latest info that is the best place to get it quickly.