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  1. Levarris

    Three Month Celebration in Progress!

    Greetings Stardust Community! It's been three months since the server launched and yes, we have had ups and downs in terms of community growth but I wouldn't trade the people we have playing here for anything. I am constantly blown away by how helpful and friendly everyone in the community...
  2. Levarris

    Stardust: Now Officially Open!

    Greetings Stardust Community! Feels good saying that, considering I had my own doubts as to whether the launch of this server and community would be a success or not. I have to say that I have been completely blown away by the response that I have gotten from virtually everyone who took a...
  3. Levarris

    Stardust v1.0.07 - Hotfix Notes 7/27/2018

    v1.0.07 Various Combat Professions - Fixed an issue with abilities that apply a snare or root that prevented them from being used on any AI creature/NPC. Entertainer - Entertainment Healing will now also heal Action / Health wounds along with Battle Fatigue. Weaponsmith - Fixed incorrect...
  4. Levarris

    Opening Day: Stardust v1.0.03: Full Patch Notes

    Stardust v1.0.03: 8/1/18 Full Patch Notes Welcome to the Stardust Official Launch: The live server will be online at midnight UTC time 8/1/18. That’s 8:00pm EST on 7/31. Chat: Added Galaxy Chat Channel Species: All species stats have been regulated to the same preset. Global Character...
  5. Levarris

    Development Update 7/11/18

    Progress has continued according to my own self imposed schedule. As of this time all content features have been fleshed out, and the second wave of balance passes across all professions has been completed. At this moment I am shifting focus to back end features such as account authentication...
  6. Levarris

    Development Update 6/22/2018

    Development has been proceeding as I have expected it would. The combat system has been fully revamped according to my established paradigm. World Building and Content Creation on the new worlds is continuing at a steady pace. I should be ready to receive a few early testers within a...